As the leader
in spatial

Altoura is the platform leading organizations rely on to gain a competitive
first-mover’s advantage and help their organization adjust to the new reality
of work. Altoura is the gold standard for many reasons:

A Complete Technology Stack

Altoura offers more use cases and custom spatial experiences on more devices—built on a secure and manageable foundation—than any other company in the world.

Altoura runs on the most popular and proven devices to give organizations flexibility in selecting their hardware platform, and to give users flexibility in how they collaborate, train, and interact with people and their surroundings. 3D content is packaged and managed in Altoura to accommodate the specific computational limitations of each device.


Microsoft HoloLens

Oculus Quest


Altoura powers the largest number of collaboration use cases to help organizations collaborate effectively and maximize return on their investment. While some vendors charge by the module for every use case, all collaboration use cases are built into the Altoura platform for a single price.


  • Real-time task guidance
  • Training and simulation

Sales and Marketing

  • Design and prototyping
  • Virtual sales room
  • Product testing

3D Visualization

  • 3D virtual meetings
  • Contextual data overlay

Some vendors want to charge an arm and a leg for their “AR studio” tools, but Altoura includes a no-code Experience Builder for authoring custom spatial computing workflows and linking them to create experiences like step-by-step training, product testing, etc., and to collect data from user activity in the virtual space—without needing developers or courseware designers.

Step-by-step instructions

3D models and media

Roleplay and simulations

Design option switches

Altoura can run purely on-premise, or it can be configured to integrate Azure cloud services to allow for spatial awareness for certain use cases, like 3D training, predictive equipment maintenance, and design review, all in the context of your users’ environments. For example, by implementing Azure Remote Rendering and diverting the rendering workload to high-end GPUs in the cloud, Altoura is able to stream a high-fidelity image directly to the target device. And by implementing Azure Spatial Anchors, Altoura can map, persist, and share holographic content across multiple devices at real-world scale.

Digital twins

Azure Spatial Anchors

Azure Remote Rendering


Altoura is built on an Azure-based cloud Infrastructure that provides enterprise-grade authentication, security and manageability via mobile device management (MDM).

Built on Azure enterprise security + authentication

SSL-based transport

Mobile device management (MDM)

ACL controls